San Mateo, California


“I was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. I was with a couple of my friends when I was arrested. I was taken directly to jail. I could not believe I was charged with a DUI. My BAC was .11. Mr. Greenberg was able to get my DUI case dismissed!”

Trent N.

“My ex-girlfriend accused me of hitting her. Based upon her lies, the district attorney charged me with domestic violence and battery. The police refused to listen to my side of the story. Tom was ready to go to battle for me. Tom was able to get my case dismissed.”

Richard R.

“I was charged with public intoxication. Tom got my case dismissed.” Katherine M.

“I was accused of auto burglary. Mr. Greenberg took my case to jury trial and we won!” Ramon R.

“I was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. It was a felony charge. Mr. Greenberg filed a suppression motion. The judge dismissed my case based upon Mr. Greenberg’s motion and argument. I cannot thank Mr. Greenberg enough.”

Michael N.

“I cannot thank Mr. Greenberg enough. He was willing to listen to my side of the story when no one else would. My first lawyer told me just to enter a guilty plea. Mr. Greenberg took over the case and kept me out of jail. Mr. Greenberg is amazing!” Allison M.

“I was arrested for possession of marijuana. The prosecutor offered me a deal with no time in jail and no probation. Mr. Greenberg told me to fight my case. He took my case to trial and I was acquitted!”

R. H.

“My ex-husband accused me of punching him. The police arrested me and took me to jail. It was my word against his. Tom fought my case and got the DA to dismiss the charges.” Katherine T.

“The police arrested me for possession of heroine. I already had two strikes. I was facing life in prison on for a third strike because of a felony drug charge. Mr. Greenberg got me one year in county jail. By the time I was done, I served less than 8 months.” Martin M.


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