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Driving Under the Influence – Acquittal

Client was charged with a blood alcohol triple the legal limit and admitted driving.  The case was taken to trial and the client was found NOT GUILTY.

Domestic Violence – Dismissed

Client was arrested for hitting her husband with a bat.  After negotating with the judge and the district attorney, the case was DISMISSED.

Drugs – Dismissed

Client was found with a needle of ketamine in his arm when the police arrived.  A sticky situation for a physician charged with a crime.  After filing a motion, the case was DISMISSED.

Criminal Defense

Client, a stay at home mom, was accused of illegally tracking the suspected girlfriend of her husband using a GPS tracking device illegally. Client had admitted using the device. The prosecutor failed to prove their case. Client was acquitted!


Client was found on probation with drugs hidden on his person. At trial, the officer testified that he found the drugs and the client admitted they were his. Client’s position was that the officer had planted the drugs. Client was aquitted!

Assault & Battery

Client was accused of punching the victim and breaking his eye socket. Victim lied about who began the fight. Assault and battery were dismissed!


Client was accused of changing bar codes on purchases at a large box retailer. Client was caught on video. Case dismissed!

Domestic Violence

Client was accused of beating her boyfriend with a stick on two separate occasions. She was much smaller than her boyfriend. She admitted hitting him at least once. Case dismissed!


Client was arrested for driving under the influence. At trial, the office testified the client admitted drinking
and driving. Client testified the officer was lying. Client was aquitted!


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