Legal Help for Sexual Assault

No other crime carries the severe social stigma of being labeled a sex offender. A conviction of a sex crime can mean lifelong registration on the sex offender registry, the destruction of marriages and families, the loss of a professional license, residency restrictions, and the loss of even closest friends. A conviction can also bring unwanted attention from neighbors, the media, and the unremitting invasion of one’s privacy. Despite these severe consequences, it is often the case that charges are be filed due to misunderstandings, because of jealousy, or even “just by mistake.”

As serious as sex crimes are, it does not mean that they are not defensible. False accusations, misunderstandings, and faulty memories are all too common in the criminal justice system, especially when alleged sex crimes are involved. The Law Offices of Thomas Greenberg have a team of psychologists, forensic scientists, and toxicologists available to contradict false accusations. The sooner we are involved, the sooner we will be able to minimize the adverse implications and negative effects that sex crime accusations can bring into one’s life. If you have been arrested for a sex crime, San Mateo criminal defense attorney Thomas Greenberg can be your best and most supportive counsel.